Digital Zoloft


As a suburban shopper, unique online labels have become my happy place.  The new, green site/label, DATURA, is like digital Zoloft. The label explores the connection between the natural world and our (sub)urban lifestyle. Datura promotes slow fashion through a tightly controlled manufacturing process, web-only distribution, and the use of natural fabrics. Here are some of […]

Pajama cover ups-handy for school drop offs


On a  Monday morning after having struggled with getting the kids ready for school, drinking your 10th cup of coffee, 2 minutes to throw something over those comfortable pajamas before drop off,  you need a couple of ready “cover everything up” items. Carline drop off is of course the ideal way of not having to bother […]

Spring Fashion Steals

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As the spring temperatures rise, the prices on last year’s Fall-Winter staff falls to their lowest. Before the summer sales kick in full swing around Memorial Day, many retailers are starting their “Up To 65% Sale.” Neiman Marcus’s First Call is starting tomorrow, April 30, but you can already see what most of the finds would […]

Screen your sunscreen


Sun is fun, at least until you talk to a dermatologist. We all know at this point that one should use sunscreen to protect the skin. The trouble is choosing the right one. The highest SPF factor is not necessarily a sure bet. According to the Environmental Working Group data, a lot of seemingly great options are actually […]