5 Reasons Why 40 is Not the New 20


We have become very used to these kinds of headlines.  But are they true?   Photo People Magazine Thirteen years ago, when Sheryl Crow turned 40, she came out with a whole new sexy look, and that was the first time I remember the headlines being splashed with the now ubiquitous “40 is the new […]

The Three Ns: Netflix, Nachos & Naps


#SummerGoals @chrisbronstein We have some lofty goals over here at casa Bronstein, like Netflix binging My Little Ponies all the way through and learning to cook complicated dishes like Nachos.     T-shirt from Etsy Nacho recipe: 1.Dump chips into a bowl 2.Dump thick layer of grated cheese onto chips 3 Microwave until cheese is […]

Hot Trend: Lace-Up Shoes


        Pictures from Forward Ok I am a little obsessed with the Gianvito Rossi Lace-Up, but I didn’t splurge.  I found a great pair of suede lace up sandals on Topshop: Flats versions of lace up shoes are great too Photo from Elle.com From Anthropology Shop more lace up shoes on Shop Style […]

Ring My Bell


I love the new tunic paired with bell bottoms and bell sleeves for fall!  Here are some choices for trying this trend from Zara and one of my new favorite high-end Aussie designers Ellery. From Zara      From Ellery