From sweet and adorable to black and grey!?


When your little one suddenly is refusing to wear happy, cute and colorful outfits you stand there helpless not knowing what to do! What just happened to that sweet little child who used to sing, dance and jump around until it was getting really annoying? What happened to all the sparkle and fluff that you simply […]

Mothers Day Sales: Yes, It’s OK to Shop For Yourself!


So many fun deals all around this morning! Just a few examples here, but check your favorite store for more great finds.For super deals on timeless bigger ticket items, check out Jomashop, a reputable online store selling luxury watches and bags. The Cartier Rondo Solo Watch with special code from Retailmenot comes to just under $2000, $750 […]

Pajama cover ups-handy for school drop offs


On a  Monday morning after having struggled with getting the kids ready for school, drinking your 10th cup of coffee, 2 minutes to throw something over those comfortable pajamas before drop off,  you need a couple of ready “cover everything up” items. Carline drop off is of course the ideal way of not having to bother […]

It’s All About Dior-#tbt


  Chris recently found this beautiful Dior dress at a consignment store, and when she showed it to me I went gaga. Dior, 1947: Like the dress I’m wearing above, this, too, is a button down front dress Dior, September 1947. An extremely low cut dress for the time (rather daring for today, too). Kinda freaky […]