It’s All About Dior-#tbt


  Chris recently found this beautiful Dior dress at a consignment store, and when she showed it to me I went gaga. Dior, 1947: Like the dress I’m wearing above, this, too, is a button down front dress Dior, September 1947. An extremely low cut dress for the time (rather daring for today, too). Kinda freaky […]

Trendy coffee mugs, a must for all moms!


Constant yelling and screaming to get your kids ready for school in the morning seems to be the common trend we all struggle with. Maybe this brilliant coffee mug can put an end to this.  Simply put the cup down when things are going great and your lovely children are doing everything they are told […]

Why do girls like pink?


Photo Don’t we all tell ourselves as moms that when a little baby girl is born we won’t go frantic with all the pink the world has to offer? But when we are holding that precious tiny princess in our arms, all we seem to think of is pink, pink, pink and some more pink! […]

PJs or Totally Appropriate Day Wear?


a. PJs b. Cute non yoga pant sweats c. Both Correct answer is of course c! Finally PJs that won’t embarrass kids at drop-off!  And they come in 10 different colors.  Hooray! Eberjey Slouchy PJ top/Eberjey Slouchy PJ pant