What I Want to Be Wearing


    I want to be wearing the above Apiece Apart shirt dress, white pants and slides.  What a perfect spring outfit! But, this is what I am actually wearing: H&M sweatshirt (similar here) and asics running pants (not to be confused with conformist yoga pants!) and Stan Smith sneakers because maybe, just maybe, wearing […]

Are you on Fleek? Or a Withered up Old Bae?


      You know you are getting old when you have to read a Newsweek article to decipher some of the words your kids are saying/texting/hashtaging.  It was hard enough to learn all the idk, btw, omg, lol, lmao, tbt, crap (crap that I of course now use constantly).  But, right when I thought […]

The IT Bag


  Photo:Photo: Bazaar This Loewe Woven suede bag is down right AMAZING.  The $3390 price tag is kind of a bummer though, especially since this beautiful buttery suede is just asking to get a berry juice box dumped on it.  So, in case you are also a mom living in suburbia with some dirty ass kids, […]

Why do girls like pink?


Photo Don’t we all tell ourselves as moms that when a little baby girl is born we won’t go frantic with all the pink the world has to offer? But when we are holding that precious tiny princess in our arms, all we seem to think of is pink, pink, pink and some more pink! […]