The Best Guilt-Free Shopping Sites


Guess what? An Atlantic article recently uncovered that shopping is pleasurable, especially when it comes to scoring a bargain, thus fast fashion might be leading to compulsive shopping. It also found that Americans love looking at fashion online, like a new national pastime. Phew, at least I’m not alone scrolling fashion sites at night.  Though […]

Modern Muses: It Girls Doesn’t Even Cut it For These Beautiful Women


The airbrushed teenagers gracing the pages of all my favorite fashion magazines have been making  it harder and harder for me to connect with the clothes.  Don’t get me wrong I still read them.  All of them.  I love the art of fashion. LOVE.  So, I have been really thrilled to see Celine, The Row, […]

Colors to Help Subdue Perimenopausal Rage

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According to Dr. Nancy Northrup perimenopause can last up to 13 years!  That means I have 11 more to go.  The perfect excuse for some sartorial therapy to help me deal with the exhaustion, irritability and insomnia.  One blog explained that colors could provide exactly what I am looking for: “The exact opposite of red on […]

3 Trends Husbands Love and Kids Hate


1.Overalls I know overalls have been dismissed as attire detested by all people with Y chromosomes, but my experience says otherwise. Check out these sexy women in overalls… My kids, on the other hand, did not like the look at all when I attempted it: Youngest: “Mommy, take those off!” Middle: “You look like a […]